three wishes; what would you say?
1st wish- to be actually happy, not half hearted or fake just genuinely happy again
2nd wish- to actually have my three wishes come true
3rd wish- for nothing to change me from being happy

A few days ago I was listening to a podcast and a survivor contestant was talking about management of the jury in the game and he said something really interesting. That when no law exists, the person who stumps the lowest level in terms of moral and ethical issues will come out on top. 
I think this is very reflective in every day life. We are all taken advantage of by other people at some point. Some of us recognise this and some of us don’t. Generally one will take advantage of another when there is no one to stop them. The law exists to regulate, deter and create boundaries but in terms of social interaction there is no law.
People who take advantage of others get what they want whilst the rest of us are left here at a loss.